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Cost Savings

We help clients reduce the cost of dental benefit delivery.

Scion Dental

Scion Dental is focused on driving the costs of benefit delivery down at the enterprise level. Here’s how we deliver the savings:

  • Web-based paperless benefits management is harnessed for your organization through our partnership with our sister company, Wonderbox Technologies, a 21st century benefit administration software company. With The Enterprise System Dental Suite we can efficiently administer both government-sponsored and commercial dental benefit programs, and scale up or down to meet your unique membership and claim volume needs. The efficiencies realized through our next-generation technology solutions free our clients to change their approach to business processes and workflow. 
  • Benefit cost reduction starts with our innovative provider reimbursement strategy and dental-specific edits not found in any other system. We offer industry-leading data analytics, fraud detection and a focused cost containment program. Together, we chart your own customized path toward containing costs and managing utilization without sacrificing provider and member satisfaction. 


Scion Dental, Inc.

N92 W14612 Anthony Avenue
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051-3140

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