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Provider Network Management

Leveraging state-of-the art software to help providers create office efficiencies and focus on quality of care.

Scion Dental


Scion Dental excels in every aspect of provider network management, from network build to ongoing network maintenance.  Our success stems from our understanding of the business of dentistry and our attention to management of provider relationships. Using multiple recruiting techniques, we conduct the customized network build so our clients own and retain their own network forever. Our track record, which includes Medicaid provider enrollment, demonstrates our ability to consistently deliver fully compliant provider networks, on time.

With integrated provider credentialing and contracting management tools built into our software platform, our clients can easily maintain multiple provider networks with specific reimbursement rules for each.  


The Enterprise System enables clients to easily manage information about providers, facilities and locations. Our web-based Provider Contracting Portal shortens the turnaround time for network development by allowing providers to agree to contract terms and fees online, from anywhere at anytime, in a completely paperless environment. The portal presents customized contracts based on each provider’s unique National Provider Identifier (NPI) code and customized fee schedules based on geography and specialty analytics. When providers are ready to commit to the contract, they can do so immediately by submitting an authorized electronic signature.


With the Enterprise System, clients can easily organize and document provider credentialing information and site visits. Our Provider Credentialing Portal streamlines the credentialing process and automatically manages re-credentialing maintenance.

The portal guides providers step-by-step through the initial credentialing application and allows them to submit all required documentation online, with no faxing or mailing required. Provider application data is stored on the portal, so providers can simply update their application data rather than complete a new application at the time of re-credentialing. For providers due for re-credentialing, the portal automatically generates an email notification that prompts the provider to return to the Credentialing Portal and submit the information required.

Scion Dental, Inc.

N92 W14612 Anthony Avenue
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051-3140

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