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Automated Claims Processing

Driving cost reduction and competitive advantage.

Scion Dental


Automation of dental benefit claims processing is not just our core competency. It’s also the driver for significant cost reduction and competitive advantage for our clients. With the Enterprise System, we have transformed dental claims processing into a paperless workflow, and automated 100% of all claim edits, pricing, and benefit determination computations using industry-leading clinical algorithms, flexible authorization requirements and dental-specific edits.  Scion Dental delivers 24/7 access to claims processing as well as operational transparency to enable clients to dramatically reduce the cost of delivering dental benefits.

Streamlined Claims Facilitation from Providers

We streamline claims processing for providers and our clients through the use of web-based portal technology. Our Provider Web Portal allows providers to enter and manage claims and authorizations, submit electronic documents, check the processing status of claims and authorizations, view and print remittance advices and other documents posted by the insurance company or network and verify patient eligibility and treatment history by any known provider. By enabling providers to manage their administrative tasks electronically, we improve the speed and accuracy of claims processing and lower costs for both providers and our clients.

Scion Dental, Inc.

N92 W14612 Anthony Avenue
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051-3140

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